Who will I become today?

Who will I become today? For I have
Freedom to explore the vast reach of space
Or time or mind or heart and even grave.
In this moment, with this breath, I can chase
The rambling rills of Irish hills, design
A flower park or play guitar with Bach.
To tune my soul to seek this space of mind
And spirit–such a lovely spot–I dock
And swim in core conditions needed
For humans to flourish. Empathy,
Genuine respect, warmth, caring proceeded
Any hope of finding this blessedly
Beautiful place. Such conditions revive
And keep my imagination alive.
-Allegra Jordan, 2019.


This sonnet refers to Carl Rogerscore conditions: genuine respect, empathy, caring and warmth. Others add “trust.” These conditions are required for humans to function at their best. Humans do function under other circumstances, but not at their best. Before you engage with another human – and you are included in this category!– you might consider checking yourself to see if you can bring these conditions to the conversation.